Mario L. Camire holds several challenging professional certifications, which are accomplished due to an extraordinary dedication of Ultimate Consulting and Computing to excellent work and training.  This dedication produces a unique diversity of skills, which are the foundation for providing service excellence.

Certifications enable clients to compare and contrast a consultant's drive, competence, productivity, and credibility.  In addition, certifications allow clients to make judgments based on industry-established standards. 

The computing industry has many specialized certifications.  Ultimate Consulting and Computing concentrates on the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Microsoft Office Specialist certification programs.  Multiple MCP certifications lead to Microsoft's premier certifications, one of which is the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE) certification that Mario L. Camire holds.

In addition, Mario L. Camire is a Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) that offers a diversity of perspective for providing information technology services.

The primary target market of Ultimate Consulting and Computing focuses on companies that are interested in improving efficiency with Microsoft, Cisco, and third party products and are located in the geographical regions of the Florida tri counties of Dade (Miami), Broward (Fort Lauderdale), and Palm Beach (West Palm Beach). On special agreements it can be done all over the country.


Mario L. Camire currently holds the following information technology certifications:

Information Technology


bullet    Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE)

Microsoft Windows Server NT, 2000-03-08.

bullet    Cisco Certified Networkl Associate (CCNA)

Certification in Cisco Networking and Switching.

bullet    VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)

Certification in VMware Infrastructure 3.5.

bullet    A+

CompTIA A+ certification validates the latest skills needed by today's computer support professionals.

bullet    Network+

CompTIA Network+ validates the knowledge and skills of networking professionals.

bullet    Security+

CompTIA Security+ validates knowledge of systems security, network infrastructure, access control, assessments and audits, cryptography and organizational security.

bullet    Server+

CompTIA Server+ validates the knowledge and skills of advanced IT technicians.

bullet    Linux+

CompTIA Linux+ is a vendor-neutral certification, generic across distributions, that validates the knowledge of individuals with a minimum of six to 12 months of practical Linux experience.

bullet    Convergence+

CompTIA Convergence+ validates the knowledge and skills in the area of Communications Technologies (CT), where datacomm, telephony/telecommunications, video and broadcast multimedia technologies combine into a single IP-based delivery system.