Computer Networks
Computer Networks
Updating and expanding network infrastructures can be a costly task and consume a considerable amount of resources and time.
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Phone Systems
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Cabling Services
Cabling Services
Updating and expanding network infrastructures can be a costly task and consume a considerable amount of resources and time. Additionally, as cabling standards are continually being updated, organizations need to ensure that their communications infrastructure remains compliant.

Partnering with IT Services will ensure

Risk is minimized by relying on our experience and knowledge of structured cabling and cabling standards. Onsite installation time and disruption are minimized, leading to cost reduction.

Structured Cabling services including design, installation and support services of structured cabling solutions, field terminated or per-terminated, Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems to unify the management of physical infrastructures.



Ultimate Consulting and Computing offers 13 years high-quality computing experience including the design, development, implementation, repairs and upgrades of different and custom products and applications; website design to be highly recognized by search engines; systems conversions; and instruction with desktop applications and technical topics related to Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, VMWare and Third party products.  These experiences have been accumulated in the Florida tri counties of Dade (Miami), Broward (Fort Lauderdale), and Palm Beach (West Palm Beach). On special agreements it can be done all over the country.  A detailed list of functional experience is as follows:

Design, deploy and implement products and applications using Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, VMWare and other technologies.


Designed, deployed, and implemented user-friendly Microsoft and Linux, Cisco, and VMWare products to:

Analyze business requirements to create a conceptual design of solution architecture

Create a logical design that will ensure the business gets the best product to become as efficient as possible

Using Microsoft Visio, draw the network environment with all pc's, servers, printers, routers, switches, wiring and other attributes including ip address, subnet mask, and all tcp/ip information

Deploy and test the network design using all network nodes

Implement the network totally

Implement all servers including Microsoft Exchange for email if it's a business requirement

Implement all routers, firewalls, switches, hubs, and wiring

Implement printers, scanners, and third party software

Create backup and restore utility procedures

Write information manual used as a reference resource by end users and system administrators             

Design, develop and implement advanced Microsoft, Linux and third party applications functionality to:

Design applications to work as modules for extra capabilities

Develop applications to improve usability for users

Implement applications to make businesses more efficient and profitable

Develop Microsoft Access queries and Microsoft Excel VBA procedures to extract data from various Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and FoxPro databases.

Create Microsoft Access import procedures to automatically bring Microsoft Excel data into an Microsoft Access database.             


Deploy and Implement Microsoft Office application to:

Perform file management of several related Microsoft Office documents such as renaming files, checking for specific file existence, and help users manage all types of Office files

Help users create, edit, or delete text in body, headers, and footers

Refresh table of references, including table of contents and table of figures

Present user with various controls to assist with printing options              

Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation of annual audited financial statements to Board of Directors.